Impact of technology on relationships – Role of social media

by Pooja Mukherjee
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Modern problems require modern solutions. So if we NEED to be glued to our phones, then why not find love in the process? With the advent of fast connectivity, modern relationships are thriving over social media, but failing in essence at the same time. 

Confused about choosing your social media or your relationship? Is your partner calling you a Facebook addict? Can you not go a day without posting about your relationship on Instagram? To be able to use social media in a healthy way as a part of your life and not your whole life to be precise is necessary. Let’s discuss the impact of social media on relationships and how it has reinvented dating.

How social media impacts an individual?

Studies have shown that excessive use of social media develops higher levels of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and a lack of social skills. By interacting less face to face, we are slowly losing touch with our partners, and eventually, with ourselves. 

Most couples who are addicted to their social media presence do not tend to test the potential of their relationship, and online dating apps are a huge contributing factor in this. By witnessing multiple “happy” relationships on social media, modern couples are fearing the idea of commitment and settling down in a relationship – the FOMO is not letting us spend quality time with our partner and take the connection to the next level.


Online dating has opened the doors for soulless relationships, which are mostly based on looks and attractive features, but when the flaws start to creep in, the first thing we do is “BLOCK.” That’s how easy it is to break up now. While the courtship happens mostly over late-night chats across brightly-lit screens, the breakups are of one text, that reads “I don’t think it is working out anymore.”

According to Psychology Today, being exposed to your ex’s profile over the social media app can hinder your chances of healing and move on. With more negative thoughts creeping up each day, pangs of jealousy and anxiety, we are clouded with a sense of being left-out and a failure. Social media is affecting relationships and has changed the way we fall in love, the way we continue ahead, and, eventually, end a toxic experience.

How social media influences relationships?

While there are numerous benefits of social media in relationships, we cannot help but wonder, “Wasn’t it easier when social media wasn’t here?” Sure it is a boon for Long Distance relationships who try to engage and keep their love alive by using every aspect of technology available, but being addicted to Facebook surfing while your boyfriend is sitting right beside you doesn’t send out the right message.

Eventually, due to our social media addiction, we would lose friends and people who matter the most to us in real life. Thoughts of insecurity, jealousy, envy, narcissism, trust issues, and not spending quality time together are the major problems through which social media destroys relationships.

1. Why do online dating apps tempt us?

Aren’t you in a relationship? Then why haven’t you deleted your dating app yet? Feeling unsure? It is just so tempting to be able to show off your flirting skills to numerous strangers, but using dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid even when you are in a “happy” relationship doesn’t actually make it happy. Not being able to let go of your “single” days and not committing to your partner are signs of insecurity and addiction to online dating. Choose between the two, and don’t waste anyone’s time. Simple.


2. When showing off is the new fashion.

Facebook destroys relationships. No. It actually doesn’t. People often forget that the reason for inventing a platform like Facebook or Instagram was not to show off your life in the first place but to connect with people across borders and distance. When you start showing off your relationship by oversharing on social media and not valuing your partner in real-life, that is the exact moment social media turns toxic for you.

“We are forgetting how to communicate. Adults are letting social media ruin their relationships. Talk to your partner and stop letting inboxes, likes, and retweets ruin what you’re trying to build.” – Tony. A. Gaskins Jr.

We need to understand that relationships thrive on spending time together, being truthful, and exploring life with your partner. Living a glamorous life on Facebook, being too much into your social media presence, obsessing over other couples, arguing over messages or social media chat apps; all these are futile, and it contributes to a failing relationship in the end.

In conclusion, while social media has been able to bring us closer in terms of technology, it has failed to bring our thoughts and emotions together, thanks to the blue-light screen in between.

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