How does it feel to date someone more attractive than you

by Pooja Mukherjee
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Ever look at your partner and wonder, “How did I get this excessively charming, beautiful human creation as my partner?.” Such is the case when you date someone who is way hotter than you. Now I don’t know how you were able to impress the God or Goddess of beauty, but I know that such “unbalanced” relationships do come with their own perks. Some people are just too attractive to date, but if you are brave enough to go out with someone who is better looking than you, then you do know how it feels to hide your partner from staring eyes and unnecessary attention.

According to PsychologyToday, the psychological reason behind finding your partner more attractive than you is the simple case of being in love. When you find an individual charming, attractive, good-looking, and physically appealing, the underlying reason can be good-old puppy love or a real connection formed at the start of a relationship. Whatever may be the reason, we know that it is tough to accept that an attractive person is actually attracted to a potato-like you

Here are some perks of dating someone who is more attractive than you.

1. They always get compliments.

Yes. I get it. You find my partner cute. But that doesn’t mean that one won’t just stop talking about it! Listening to your partner getting compliments about how beautiful their hair is looking, or how much of a natural beauty they are, while you are just trying to enjoy your nachos in a party can be so tiring. At least, for me, it riles up my need for a glass of martini.

2. People have a hard time believing.

The amount of persuasion it takes to make your friends believe that you are dating someone HOT is unimaginable. People would doubt the validity of the relationship rather than just trusting that yes, a Greek mythological figure has fallen in love with a peasant. Such couples even get mistaken for friends on public occasions, which honestly, is a deep blow to one’s self-esteem. But, to be honest, it all becomes fine when you are Netflix and chilling with your partner later in the evening.


3. Couple pictures turn out to be weird.

Now you can’t always blame the lighting for looking like a meme beside your handsome boyfriend. Some men don’t even wish to post their pictures with their girlfriends on social media websites, as the dissimilarity in looks will become so apparent. While hiding your relationship from the curious minds is next to impossible, you can try putting up Snapchat emojis in place of your face. Trust me, it works. It will come out way cuter if your girlfriend is holding on to a crying emoji face. Crying emoji, to bring out your true emotions. At least, you are with her in essence.

4. DMs just won’t stop!

Let’s be fair with this. If your partner is better looking than you, then you know what any normal human brain would do. Pop in DMs. Hundreds of messages on Instagram and Facebook can make you insecure about dating someone so attractive, but you have to understand that if your partner has made a commitment towards you, they will surely stick to it. Doubting them in such scenarios won’t be appropriate, but asking people to STOP MESSAGING MY BOYFRIEND (in a kind tone) is important.

So, if you are thinking that “my boyfriend is too good-looking for me” or if you are feeling insecure about dating a beautiful woman, then you need to come back to the basics. Why are you with the person in the first place? Well, 95% for looks, I get it, but the other 5% is equally important. Do not forget why you both fell in love with each other in the first place. No amount of criticism or snaring looks from jealous people could break a strong connection. Adapt to your partner’s popularity and feel proud to be with them. Till next time.

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