Facebook and Relationships: An Introduction to Modern Love

by Pooja Mukherjee
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Does social media destroy relationships? Not if you know how to use it well. Now, come on, most of the millennial love stories have their roots in social media DMs. So we can’t COMPLETELY blame social media for all our relationship problems. It was okay when you guys used to flaunt your relationships and get love-reacts over cute photos, but now all of a sudden, Facebook is the one who is killing your love? Nah. That’s unfair to assume.


Maybe there’s something else we should look into. Maybe the problem is trust issues, lack of communication, miscommunication, impatience, anxiety, and the sole fact that perhaps you are just jealous of your partner’s popularity. Come on, admit it. Perks of dating someone who is more attractive than you (Now that’s for some other time).

But we just can’t give a clean chit to social media platforms, do we? Remember, the website is not ruining your relationship, but everything related to it is. Confusing? Let’s dive into the top 3 problems we face in our relationships due to social media.

1. Yes. We get it. You are a couple.

So, how exactly does social media destroy relationships? It is because we let it do so. Our generation is so engrossed over getting the certification from our peers and friends that “Yes, you guys look cute together,” that we often forget that these are all words for social gratification, and they mean nothing. Getting riled up over whether you guys are photogenic as a couple and flaunting it EVERYDAY is exhausting, even for your followers. So, stop counting the likes on pictures, because eventually, it will go down.

2. Social media and friendships


Now, as an individual who has got like 5 good friends due to the ever-popular “People You May Know” section, I can vouch for the fact that * sometimes * friendships and connections formed over social media platforms turn out to be real, and we need to thank technology for letting us find our buddies with whom we can binge-watch Money Heist.

But we often let the doubts creep into our personal lives, and we are questioned about our friendships by our partners. Now, I do not know whether you have a boyfriend while still having a crush on this guy who friend-zoned you but is it essential to evaluate the importance of one over the other. It can get confusing while you are young, and it may turn out to be a learning curve one day (which it should), but it is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Trust issues

All my friends know that the thing which I dread most in social media apps is that green “online” button. It is so tough to make your partner understand that you were just feeding your cat and binge-watching Breaking Bad, while Facebook was showing you online for 10 HOURS. Facebook damages relationships because we criticize every small action of our partners. From accepting friend requests, which apparently, we should not have (learned that the hard way), to tagging someone or commenting somewhere which later turned out to be blasphemy, we just can’t understand what’s the right approach while using social media. But the cloud-solution to all of this is, just chill. Do not fret over small issues and trust your partner. There is a reason he chose you, and that can be your humor, your movie collection, or just the fact that you make him smile.

The list is long, but there is more to come. Nowadays, we believe that social media and cheating go hand in hand and that the impact of technology is going to open new facets for long-distance relationships. But at the end of the day, we are what we think, what we consume, what we witness. If your Facebook addiction is ruining your relationship, then I guess it is time for you to reevaluate your choices.

For the next few weeks, we are going to dive into how different social media apps affect our friendships and what is the status between coronavirus and relationships. We must remember that there are benefits of social media in relationships, and at the end of the day, all we need to learn is how to be romantic. Till next time.

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