5 ways social media can benefit every relationship

by Pooja Mukherjee
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Every action has an equal reaction. Indulging into the world of social media has its perks, especially in the case of relationships. The positive effects of social media on romantic relationships are often undermined; most couples are so busy doubting their partners and making their lives so complicated, that they often forget how social media can help to strengthen our relationships. 

Now, trust issues may crop up if your partner is getting DMs from strangers or if they are investing a substantial amount of time on their social presence, rather than the relationship itself. But such situations vary individually, and the outcome depends on how you handle the situation and come out of it more mature.

A 2018 study by RMIT University observed social media users based on their Facebook usage. The research concluded how the positive or negative impact of social media in relationships is heavily dependent on their amount of usage and interaction with their partner via social platforms.  With the advent of the online dating world, it is nearly impossible to cut the ties between social media and relationships. It has become imperative to incorporate social media in our lives to bond with people and connect on a wider platform. If you HAVE to use it, use it wisely. Here are 5 ways in which you can use social media to build relationships:

1. Understanding your partner

Our social media page is a mirror image of our personality. One can have a pretty good idea of our likes and dislikes, our opinions, life events, thoughts, and actions if they dive into our social media activity. New couples, who are often strangers to each other, can utilize social media to get an insight into the person they are about to date.


While online dating is the new norm now, it is imperative to know your partner and understand their perspective before indulging in any form of commitment. Social media can be a boon for getting to know your partner better and be transparent to each other to handle complicated situations accordingly.

2. Builds commitment in relationships

Connecting with your partner over social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram can help to show your commitment to the relationship. According to a study, 21% of internet users feel closer to their partners because of social media exchanges and text messages. 

“I don’t think social media destroys relationships. Dishonesty and sneakiness does.” -Anonymous

If you are willing to go the extra mile, do not shy away from professing your love over social media platforms. It can create a positive impact on your partner; he/she will feel assured while going forward because they will trust you and understand that you are in it for the right reasons.

3. Bringing people closer

Keeping the spark alive in your relationships can be made easy with the help of social media. The success of long-distance relationships depends on the amount of love and commitment two people have for each other; however, one may run out of means to show the dedication towards one’s partner.


Utilizing social media to bridge the distance is a boon of the Internet and is one of the most relevant benefits of social media in long-distance relationships. By reducing physical distances, social media apps can help romantic relationships to thrive against the test of distance and time.

4. Shared Experiences

Looking back at memories can strengthen relationships. Our social media pages are a reflection of our life and archives our every day with people who are the closest to us. Sharing pictures, videos, posts, and events with your partner over social apps can create a memory lane for couples that they can visit anytime to relive those moments. Experiencing life together over social media and sharing moments while growing up contributes towards creating a strong foundation for any relationship.

5. Getting to know people closest to your partner

You and your partner are worlds apart, but getting a chance to know about his/her circle of friends or family is something which you cannot miss out on if you are planning to go a long way. 

Social media gives you an opportunity to know about the most important people in your partner’s life (besides you, of course), and introducing yourself to them by creating a striking first impression can work wonders for committed relationships. Moreover, it gives you a sneak peek into what you are getting yourself into, and you can look forward to meeting your partner’s family after knowing a good deal about them.

Nowadays, most relationships have their origin in online dating apps or social media friend’s circles. So we cannot specifically deny the importance of social media for the development of our romantic relationships. Even if the benefits of social media in relationships can help couples to build a stronger bond based on trust and loyalty, one should not focus their entire selves on these virtual platforms. 

The essence of any relationship is spending quality time together, and your virtual interactions won’t help you establish communication with your partner. One can always utilize the perks of social media, but investing your time towards forming a virtual connection can potentially harm your real commitments. Keep the phone down once in a while. Till next time.  

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