Life after Lockdown: What can we expect

by Pooja Mukherjee
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We have been so accustomed to our life in quarantine, that it feels quite surreal now to return to what we once called normal. Although the lock-down is eventually going to get lifted in our country, we can expect some changes in different aspects of our life. From jobs to industries, healthcare, society, academics, and traveling, we are going to face some major difficulties while adjusting to the new normal.


Our life will never be the same again. We can expect a drastic change in our social life after the lockdown gets lifted in our country.

After nearly two months of curbing travel, sealing borders, working from home, and halting the production of non-essential items, India is set to accept the pandemic and move on in order to save the economy. What’s more, we may be on the verge of being the next superpower country!

With countries restricting their businesses with China, the next big nation everyone is looking up to is India. Thanks to our population (which we should be proud of) and the cheap labor India can offer, several multinational companies are expected to shift their base to India from China in the upcoming months.

The tourism industry is going to face a recession period with major layoffs across sectors, airline bans, border restrictions, and added expenses for sanitization. While traveling to foreign lands would surely be prohibited for a couple of months, domestic flights, with extravagant fares and limited availability, could pose a greater threat to the tourism industry.


With the invention of the COVID-19 vaccine Chadox-1 by the researchers at the University of Oxford, the world is waiting for the miracle vaccine to be successful in the clinical trials and be available for commercial sale from September.

One of the major manufactures of the vaccination is the Serum Institute of India, who have been upping the production scale to manufacture a billion vaccines in a year. During September-December, we can expect a surge in the sale of the miracle vaccine, with more pharmaceutical companies taking up manufacturing contracts, IF, and ONLY IF, the human trials show a ray of sunshine.

Apart from vaccinations and probable treatments such as plasma therapy, we can see a major surge in demand for PPE kits, ventilators, and other forms of healthcare facilities, which would help doctors to be prepared for the peak time of cases in India during July-August 2020.

However, we can already see how other forms of illnesses are being neglected for treatment because of the mere lack of testing kits or proper infrastructure in hospitals. The integration of smooth operations across different departments of treatment should be the right way forward for all the hospitals in the current situation.

Social gatherings

Let’s face it. The COVID-19 pandemic is not going to leave us anytime soon. With no definite cure and the ever-increasing number of cases every day, we have to start accepting the situation and live with the consequences. But of course, humankind always adapts to adversities and evolves to a better version.

The curb multiplexes, shopping malls, restaurants, or hotels do not seem to be ending anytime soon. The tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industry are going to face the brunt, and it will take time for people to adapt to the social distancing norms in public places. Work from home is already doing the job of keeping people away from each other.

On the brighter side, the concept of sanitation and hygiene has never been taken more seriously. Multiple restaurants and home delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy have been taking up the initiative to promote ‘contact-less delivery,’ maintaining hygiene in kitchens, providing masks and sanitizers to their riders, and multiple thermal-checks of all personnel. Restaurants apps like Dineout are already coming up with innovative ideas that would define the future of dining.

Love and Life

Another social aspect of our life that would witness a drastic change in online dating and casual hookups. Meeting up with strangers might get slow in the upcoming months, but the future of virtual dating looks bright.

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While the academic year has gone into turmoil, with millions of students feeling helpless with regards to their career or education, the boom of online education and live classrooms is a great example of how we could be moving forward a digital India.

We can expect the lockdown to get lifted in phases across the country in the next few months. It would be a challenge to live within a colored zone and adapt to a lifestyle accordingly; with multiple zones across several districts of India, the ICMR may shift its focus to the severely affected containment zones over time. We can hope to see our country slowly returning to what we called normal; in between the rising number of COVID-19 cases and a collapsing economy, only time will tell what we will choose.

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