Top 5 movies if you want to experience happy tears

by Pooja Mukherjee
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Movies have always been a part of our lives. They provide us a window to a world we yearn to be a part of; we imagine ourselves to be saving the world, falling in love on the winter nights of New York, getting proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and living the life in the food streets of Thailand. 

Psychologists do believe that our choice of movies reflects our most innate desires. Not everyone enjoys a happy movie; sometimes we do want to indulge in sad movies that highlight hope and humanity, which make us believe in the good of the world. Some movies push us in the realms of sadness, and despair, only to push us back up with a smile by the end of the last scene. 

Such movies teach us that adversity and fate can bring us to our saddest moments, but there’s always hope for a better tomorrow. There’s happiness amidst the chaos, there’s light amidst the darkness, and there are always good memories. 

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

While some movies can give us our dose of entertainment, some provide us the emotional release which we are in need of. It is okay not searching for happiness always, sometimes we just need to let it out. Below are the top 5 movies which are going to provide you the emotional cleansing you are looking for.

1. Maudie:


The movie tells the true story of Canadian folk painter Maud Lewis, who had the innate quality of painting cheerful pictures and sceneries on everything she could find. Her paintings were joyful, eccentric, and beautiful; her paintings reflected a beautiful life, while she was living through difficult times with arthritis. The movie is an unleashing torrential downpour of feelings, emotions, and understanding. One thing that the movie teaches us is resilience, and that life can be short, but it should be beautiful.

2. UP

A favorite among kids, this Pixar movie is a heartbreaking story of a man who set out on an adventurous journey to fulfill his wife’s last wish on her travel book, visiting Paradise Falls. With its quirky characters and cute moments, this animation film shows Carl’s undying love for his wife, and how he slowly opened up to the beauty of life after being grumpy for years. The movie has everything an adventure needs; a dedicated sidekick, Russell (who is the definition of cuteness), a dodo bird, villains, sacrifice, plot, conspiracy, and wild dogs! You would never expect the emotional journey this movie will guide you into.

3. Life is Beautiful

One of my all-time favorites. The movie is a classic of 1997, and showcases the love of a father for his son. The story revolves around how a Jewish father tries his level best to shield his son from the grim realities of Nazi attacks, by using humor amidst despair, and transforming every gloomy day into an adventure to make his young son happy. The touching story gives us a glimpse of the holocaust while being a comedy-drama, and reflects the idea of how our perception can modify our feelings, how there is hope and love if we just know how to find it, and how there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Flavours of Youth

This 2018 teenage drama revolves around life as we know it. The stories are told from different perspectives, but the central theme revolves around love and food. A beautiful masterpiece, the series consists of three tales, each intertwined with each other in an explicable way. We come across the adversities which we face while growing up, the despair, girlf, losing of childhood friends; it is a great representation of life and how we humans always face challenges but emerge out of it stronger.

5. Inglorious Bastards

Now this is for everyone out there who likes a bit of action along with their wholesome movies. One of Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, the story revolves around a few Jewish soldiers and their attack against the Nazi government, in their own grim, but quirky ways. It is not primarily a war movie; but it showcases the relentless bravery of the soldiers to plot against the German hierarchy, while crossing unplanned dangers with innovative plans. The story also has multiple characters who showcase life as a Jewish in hiding, multiple identities, drama, vigor, adventure, and excitement make this movie a must-watch.

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