5 Secrets to Making Your Mind Happy

by Pooja Mukherjee
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Time heals everything. I often wonder what it means. Like I still think about the last big fight with my parents, when all I wanted to do was leave the house and never look back. The time when I lost my friend, who I thought will stay with me through thick and thin. The first time I got rejected in a job interview. The first time my boss shouted at me (well, I yelled at him too, so we are even). The first times are engraved in our minds so deep that quite often, we go back to those chaotic memories when we are going through our anxious thoughts at 3 in the morning. 

But does it affect me anymore? Do I regret it? No. Have I learned from it? Yes. It does not tear the deep subconscious of my mind anymore, but it is just there; these thoughts are never going to go away. Time will not help us to forget it but will heal us of the repercussions of our dark memories. 

Over the years, I have learned the importance of being happy. I have learned how to live a happy life alone. It is solely the power of the mind and how you can train it. Let me just share a few easy ways to be happy, which help me throughout the day.

1. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

And by an active mind, I do not mean social media surfing. We need to engage ourselves in hobbies, create a world which we can call our own. There should be a specific line between your personal world and your professional realm so that we do not confuse the emotions and deal with problems based on their importance in life.

2. Learn to be alone with your thoughts

Keeping quiet for 10 minutes is a superpower now. And even if we do, we all know that a thousand thoughts run at the back of our heads. Why can’t we just calm down? Why can’t we be just blank? 

Wondering about how to live a happy life alone? Stop your opinions, thoughts, questions, doubts from creeping in from every direction, from everything we perceive. Why can’t we just try to go back to when we were kids and learn to be alone with our own little world?

3. How to reset your brain to be happy

Nothing awakens me more than calming my anxious thoughts down with a hot cup of tea. While the problems will not go away, the focus will shift to something as mere as the cup in front of you. It is basically how you reset your mind and categorize the problems. Remember, the solution is not what is important; it is always deep down there; we just need to collect our thoughts to find it. Quite Sherlock Holmes, eh?

4. Just sleep

Sleep, and you might meet *insert Money Heist joke* The Professor in your dream. The importance of a good night’s sleep is not its proliferative powers of calming our nerves down, but it helps us to reset our brains and the thoughts within. The first few minutes of opening your eyes slowly are magical; we do not know where we are, what just happened, and whom we drunk-text. As we retain our thoughts, we can accept them as they are, and think about what the next step will be. It is all about letting go of the past unless you forgot to reply to your crush. That is important. 

5. Write it down

Now we all know we cannot ACTUALLY go up to people and give them a piece of our mind. We might think of several things to say, but it can just get messed up, especially when you are in the flow of emotion. Writing your thoughts down is a good practice to collect your ideas because they slide away from our minds so quickly. Maintaining a diary is an option for people who have a thousand scenarios going on in their minds. At the end of the day, calming your brain down and training it to LISTEN TO YOU is the most valuable step towards being happy.

So, these were five secrets to making myself happy. I am not happy. But I train myself to be. Global warming will not go away, coronavirus is a new thing to fight, and we still can’t listen to YouTube videos off-site. So many problems, not enough solutions. Try to find out your own ways on how to be happy and active always and let me know some ideas. Till next time. 

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